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Goodnight Lad

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Goodnight Lad is a magical augmented reality children's book. Each page comes to life with beautiful animations that you can interact with to really get into the book. Kids love this book, but it isn't just for kids... make magical memories as a family. Goodnight Lad is the story of a little boy who refuses to go to bed. He is always playing and having fun. But as the days wear on he gets cranky, and his parents decide that something must be done. They come up with a plan to take him around the world in hopes to tire him out. They visit fun new places like the snore-filled mountains and sunny beaches. At first all is going well, Logan is having a great time and feels like he is King of the town. But before long he turns into a beast... A demo of the product in action can be found here: http://www.goodnightlad.com/app The accompanying app can be downloaded here: http://www.goodnightlad.com/app

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