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Scandinavian designed in beautiful earthy and natural colors, our Bath Mats have over 200 suction cups throughout the bottom of the mats to keep them firmly in place, with stylish a anti-slip design along the top that is soft and comfortable to the touch. The perfect bath mat for use in showers and bathtubs, as well as in wet areas where slippage is a concern - like outside of your toddler’s baby bath.

And like all HEVEA baby products, our natural rubber Bath Mats are eco-friendly - made with natural materials that are safe for both your baby and the planet.


Baby Bath Mats: Suitable for use for babies, toddlers, and children (55 x 32 cm / 21.7 × 12.6 in.) with 215 suction cups for a strong grip
Big Bath Mats: Suitable for use for toddlers up to Adults (75 x 34 cm / 13.4 × 29.5 in.) with 299 suction cups for a strong grip

Benefits of the HEVEA Bath Mat

NATURAL AND SAFE FOR YOUR BABY – Our 100% natural rubber, our Bath Mats are vegan certified and completely free from plastic, silicone, BPA, and other nasties. Additionally, our FDA approved color pigments are also natural
LEAVING GREENER FINGERPRINTS FOR OUR PLANET - Since rubber is an e eco-friendly natural material, it will biodegrade when no longer in use. Additionally, our colored Bath Mats are made from upcycled rubber, obtained from cutouts and leftover materials from our natural rubber production process, limiting waste and putting it to good use
HIGH QUALITY DANISH DESIGN - HEVEA Bath Mats are durable with an anti-slip design with suction cups evenly spaced throughout the bottom of the mat, with a stylish and raised design throughout the top that is designed to avoid slippage while still feeling comfortable and soft for baby’s bottom or your feet
HYGIENIC – Easy to keep clean! Simply keep rinsed and hang to dry after use in your shower or bath

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