Brio World 333978 Smart Tech Sound Tunnel With Waterfall

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Brio World 33978 SMART TECH SOUND Tunnel with Waterfall

Listen to the sounds of the jungle and the calming pitter-patter of running water as you pass through the 33978 Smart Tech Sound Waterfall Tunnel on a new railway adventure. Hop into the 33971 Record & Play Engine (not included) and explore the amazing jungle environment this toy train accessory has to offer.

Adventure ahead: There are two routes to traverse this massive waterfall. You could drive up the ascending tracks and take the rickety, old bridge over the top of the waterfall - the Smart Tech engine will automatically slow down to a more careful speed and rock back and forth as it crosses with sound effects. Or you could brave the dark and damp caves and hopefully reappear on the other side and pass through the gushing waters. Just watch out for creepy crawlies!

Interactive features: Whichever route you choose to take, there’s extra fun in store to be had thanks to added Smart Tech Sound features. The Echo Action Tunnel adds playful sound elements and you can connect the Record & Play engine to the Smart Tech Sound App to customise the sounds for this train set accessory even further. You can even record your own sounds and create a whole new story of your own.

Part of BRIO World: The Smart Tech Sound Waterfall Tunnel is best used with the 33971 Record & Play Engine (not included) to get the full sound experience but can be used with any train or vehicle in BRIO World.

33978 Smart Tech Sound Waterfall Tunnel includes 4 pieces: 1x Waterfall Tunnel, 1x Echo Action Tunnel, 2x Ascending Wooden Tracks.

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