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Toddler shoes sizes are 4T-7T (this is not by age but just to distinguish 4 little from 4 big, etc), Kid sizes are 8-13 and Youth sizes are 1Y-7Y (Y is for YOUTH not years).

Wide sizes are indicated with a W or XW although other brands do fit wide (Billy Shoes, See Kai Run, Plae) without a wide designation.  Keep in mind that almost ALL toddler feet are wide and shoes are designed to accomodate them.  

How do I know what size to purchase? 

If you are unsure of sizing we recommend measuring your child's foot from heel to toe with a tape measure.  There are a few ways to do this but all require them standing UPRIGHT on a HARD SURFACE with no shoes or socks on.  

Some people put a piece of paper against the wall and have their child stand back to the wall and mark heel/toe and then measure with a ruler or tape measure.  Some have their child stand next to a tape measure. 

Either way keep in mind that 1/4 of an inch can be the difference between 2-3 sizes so try to get as exact as you can.  Once you know the measurement you can text us (734-726-0297) or email us (info at thelittleseedling dot com) and we will help you determine sizing. 


Can I try shoes on? 

Yes!   Please see our hours page here:

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