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Paci Weaning System

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Dentists recommend kicking the paci habit by the time baby is 12 months old. We've got the weaning process down to a science (literally!) with this 5-step system to ditch the pacifier for good. Each paci is progressively shorter - and less satisfying - so baby gives that binky the boot. No kitchen scissors required!

• 5 STEP SYSTEM: Gradually reduces sucking satisfaction to wean from orthodontic nipple only.
• DENTIST DESIGNED: Invented by a pediatric dentist.
• BOOT THE BINKY: Most effective on kiddos under 12 months.
• BPA-FREE: Latex-free and BPA-free. Silicone nipples.
What's Inside? 5 orthodontic-shaped dentist-designed pacifiers that get shorter with each step

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