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Squishy Toy Surprise Bath Bomb


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Kids Squishy Toy Bubble Bath Bombs inside will put a big smile on the face of your customer's little one. Each Bubble Bath Bomb has a squishy toy surprise hidden inside, which will be revealed as the bath bomb fizzes, bubbles, releases scent, and colors the bath water.

Collect all 71 Squishies! Examples of Squishy surprises that might be inside:

Woodland Animals, Zoo Animals, Sea Creatures, Dinosaurs, Penguins, Stars, Glitter Squishies and more!

Bubble Bath Bomb Scents:
Rainbow Sherbet (red), Citrus (orange), Banana (yellow), Fruit Loops (green), Berry (blue) and Grape (purple).

All Two Sisters Bubble Bath Bombs:

Are activated to maximum bubbly-ness by the tub faucet water pressure (drop them in as the tub fills to watch the magic happen!)
Can be used after the tub is filled for a more traditional bath bomb experience
Leaves the body relaxed and the skin super soft

1 bath bomb - color and scent may vary

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