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World’s First 3D Knit Swaddle
Help your baby sleep and control the moro-reflex that often wakes them up. With our “Hug Technology” you and your baby will discover a new kind of sleep!

This swaddelini is made from post-consumer recycled Nylon also paired with a moisture wicking and antimicrobial Nylon. The compression comes from the elastic yarn covered with nylon. All made in North Carolina, USA!

Dimensions 107 × 123 × 75 in

Swaddelini is ready to use right out of the packaging and easy to care for.

To Care:

May work better with diaper flap facing down (brand tag facing up)
May work with PJs, or onesie/pants combo, or just a diaper and socks underneath.
Swaddelini Original should be washed on cold and tumble dried on low. If it shrinks, give it a good stretch back to its original size.
The Swaddelini Bamboo can be washed and dried with heat.
Recommended sizing:

The Swaddelini small size goes from about 6-12 pounds.
The large goes from 12 pounds up to 18 pounds and both can be used as a transition swaddle.
When the baby rolls over, leave arms out! This makes the Swaddelini a wearable blanket.
If you are buying this for a baby who is yet to be born, I highly recommend the small size even if you are told they are going to have a big baby.

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